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free article Galileo launch delayed to 2015


Arianespace, a French space company, has confirmed that the next pair of Galileo navigation satellites will not be launched until 2015, following problems with previous launches.

free article Has the journal impact factor had its day?
Research Fortnight


When he applied for a promotion 2 years ago, Steve Pettifer, a reader in the school of computer science at the University of Manchester, decided to drop the journal impact factor from his CV.

R&D funding for TB still to meet target, report says


The global community last year invested barely a third of the funding required to develop vaccines and drugs to contain the spread of TB, says a report published on 22 October.


free article Academics line up to lobby fresh Commission
Research Europe


The last fortnight in Brussels has been dominated by planning for the European Commission, the 27 members of which were nominated by president-elect Jean-Claude Juncker on 10 September.

free article Moedas’s agenda
Research Europe


The research commissioner faces many challenges

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